Paul Joseph Goebbels (RheydtRenania del Norte-WestfaliaAlemania29 de octubre de 1897Berlín, Alemania; 1 de mayo de1945) fue un político alemánministro de propaganda de la Alemania nacionalsocialista, figura clave en el régimen y amigo íntimo de Adolf Hitler.

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*sigh* :3 *headtilt* ooooh worth loads on the black market did i leave the gas on? oh wait, i'm a squirrel. i mean, Chesapeake Ripper. probably metaphorical somehow
*sideeyes Hannibal* heehee look at my design wheeeeeeee what did you just say to me


[Hannibal meme] 2/5 characters: Dr. Abel Gideon 

"It’s like remembering something from your childhood and you’re not sure if it’s your memory or a friend’s memory. Then you realize, sadly, it’s just some photo in an old book."

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